Plant-based street food from around the world.
Heavy on flavour, light on the planet.



About Us

Vegan food eateries flying the flag for simplicity, accessibility and sustainability.

Our menu: invoking the tastes and spirit of street-food that celebrates the best food ‘from the ground’.

Our ethos: we collaborate with bars and cafes to create our eateries, minimising our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Our pricing: Food from the earth shouldn’t cost the earth. You’ll find eating with us is light on your wallet as well as the planet.

Our question : Turning your plates plant-based for one day saves a hefty 1100 gallons of water and 30sq. ft of rain forest. So, when’s your veto day?

100% Plant Based Menu

Where You Can find us

Opening Late September:

The Old Crown 33 New Oxford St. London WC1A 1BH