About Us

Vegan food eateries flying the flag for simplicity, accessibility and sustainability.

Our mission is to challenge traditional perceptions of vegan food and your typical restaurant set-up.

Our menu invokes the tastes and spirit of street-food from around the world. Celebrating the best food from the ground – vegetables, herbs, spices – we serve far flung flavours through inventive dishes and global classics that will excite and satisfy. Our final nod to street-food is our pricing. Food from the earth shouldn’t cost the earth so you’ll find eating with us is light on your wallet too.

We keep our operations light-touch and low carbon. Shunning glossy refurbs and excessive branding, we collaborate with bars and cafes in prime locations to minimise our environmental impact.

Our claim of serving ‘rebellious street-food’ reflects our visions to do things differently. We want to support your growing concern for what you eat, where it comes from and the impact it has on the planet. So, we are asking, ‘When’s your veto day?’

Where You Can find us

Opening Late September:

The Old Crown 33 New Oxford St. London WC1A 1BH